Hand Guard Cap Round A-2

Hand guard Cap for the Light weight Barrel.
Hand Guard Cap for the light weight barrel.  Since the Barrel is a different diameter than an HBAR Barrel this is used.

Hand guard Cap Triangular

Hand guard cap for the triangle style hand guards.
Hand Guard Cap for triangle style hand guards.

Front Sight post A-2

Front Sight Post.
Front sight post A-2 sight.

Front sight detent

Front Sight detent.
Front sight detent.

Front sight detent spring

Front sight detent spring.
front sight detent spring.

Front swivel

Front swivel for slings.
Front swivel for slings to attatch to the front sight tower.

Front Swivel rivet

front swivel rivet.
Front swivel rivet to attatch swivel to front sight tower.

Barrel Nut

Barrel Nut
Barrel nut for the AR-15 or M-16 military rifles.