AR-15 News and Articles for January 10, 2010

January 10, 2010

ARMSLIST - For Sale: AR15 Upper or rifle kit
ARMSLIST - Gun Classifieds ... For Sale: AR15 Upper or rifle kit. Item Price: $440.00. Listed On: Monday, May 21, 2012. Seller: Private Party, Listed In: Rifles ...

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What a horrible trip to the range today. - AR15.COM
Look at the bright side, you could have grabbed one rifle (AR-15), driven 30 minutes to the range, paid $8 to shoot and then realized you left all of your ...


My Son's Birthday today - XDTalk Forums - Your XD/XD(m ...
By xdmp22
My Son, Byron turned 3 today! He said he would like hot wheels cars, a Cricket .22, a S & W AR-15 with 5 pmags, an XD 9sc, and a supertuck, along.
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Mounting an E)tech on an AK and AR15-A2 - Tennessee Gun Owners
By wareagle
Guys, I would like to add the an EOtech or bushnell holosight to an AK (AMD65). Also, I am considering the same for an M4-A2 clone A2 setup to co-witne.


Blog? I thought you said Dog!: Gun names
By todd
A Model 70 Winchester rifle can come in almost any caliber from .22 to .458. The military's rifle is the popular M-16. It's also known as the M-16A1, M-16A2, M4, AR-15 and it shoots the .223 round which is also known as the 5.56 mm. ...
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