AR-15 bolt carriers and Articles for AR-15 Rifles 01/11/2010

January 11, 2010

Transporting CA legal Ar 15 rifle to Nevada. Is it legal? - Yahoo ...
I am heading to nevada soon and there I have a fri…


FS: ar15 and a ruger 10-22 - PNW Guns
By 68g20
ar15 is a SNS INDUSTRIES, Snohomish wa, shot 1000 plus and in good to great shape, the ruger has god know how many thru it but very clean, has as you.
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Wts 2 ar-15 .223/5.56 clips 10 rds. (ca) - XDTalk Forums - Your XD ...
By Reborn
The first one is a used flush-fit clip of an unknown manufacturer. The second is a brand new C-Products extended clip, but still 10 rds. $45 shipped .
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The Build Time Has Come!
By canebrake
In 2000 a sledgehammer cartridge that would launch 250- to 600-grain .45 caliber bullets from a standard size AR-15 with a proper barrel and chamber was born — enter the .458 SOCOM. A Bit of AR History ... They are fine cartridges that get the job done, but they both require that the rifle be modified. Parts need to be changed to make them function. Buffer springs, unique magazines, different bolt, etc., are required. The real cleverness in the design of the .458 SOCOM is ...
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marriotsville range??? - Maryland Shooters
By downwind65
Monumental Rifle & Pistol Club (see K31's post for the link) is holding its monthly meeting and postponed-due-to-the-weather Christmas party on the 16th at 2:00 pm. Bring family and friends and items for the wounded soldiers and marines at Walter ... Walther PPK/S .380 Auto S&W 65 .357 Magnum Sig Sauer P229 Classic 22 .22lr. Springfield M1 Garand 30-06. RRA/DoubleStar AR-15 5.56. DPMS Panther AR-15 5.56. Mosin Nagant M91/30. CZ 452 American .22 LR GSG-S MP5 Carbine .22 LR ...
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Assault rifle vs. combat rifle nomenclature - DefensiveCarry ...
By ExactlyMyPoint
I work in TV broadcasting and I can tell you, trying to make a pin head reporter understand that the civilian AR15 isn't the same thing as the M16 is impossible. They know it all. I have tried to explain the differences but to no avail ...