AR15 handguards and Articles for AR-15 Rifles 02/12/2010

Febuary 12, 2010

Congress candidate puts bang in campaign
More than 50 people showed up and registered for door prizes, which included an AR-15 machine gun. "They are as fired up as they can be and as fired up as ...


AR-15 vs. Blackpowder rifle? Which would you choose? - Yahoo! Answers
In an extreme survivalist situation (hypothetical) like the total collapse ... The AR-15 is a much more effective weapon in a survival(SHTF) situation. ...


Watch: YouTube - AR 15 23pts in 1st HALF!!! - Mixx
Bishop Loughlin High School sophmore Ayana Ratliff aka AR15 scores 23pts in the 1st half!!!! She is the next Female basketball phenom!!!!


Transitioning from rifle reloading to pistol - any tips? - AR15.COM
Is there any big differences in case prep for these straight sided pistol cases from bottlenecked rifle cases? Posted Via AR15.Com Mobile ...


Finding a better path after police shootings
Nine seconds later, another officer shot Campbell in the back with an AR-15 rifle. Police said the officer saw Campbell reach for something in his waistband ...

By The Duck
Friday, February 12, 2010. Finally! A tool to remove or install an AR-15 magazine catch! I know it can be trying, I broke 2 of Brownells punches installing that pin over the years. Posted by The Duck at 7:32 AM ...