AR-15 Rifle news for 02/20/2010

February 20, 2010

Replace a pistol grip on an AR-15
By Steven
Ok- I'm an AR-15 newbie, and I have no idea what's the same on my gun versus what's different on other guns – I thought they were all supposed to be the same, but just a disclaimer – I have no idea. ...


Lever action AR15 « Ry's Blog
By Ry Jones
Lever action AR15. 19 February 2010. Why not? Pump-action ar15s have been around a while. Lever action 30 carbine AR15. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated). ZA Musings: The Lever Gun · Most (The Bridge) ...
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Jerry Miculek Practical Rifle helps you get the most out of your ...
By J Scott
He provides over two hours of expert one-on-one instruction that covers everything about shooting the AR-15, from how to set up your rifle like his, to the stance, grip, and trigger technique used by the pros. ...
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Quiet town of Chattahoochee Hills shaken by violence
Atlanta Journal Constitution
He didn't want to get a DUI and return to jail, police said, so he opened fire on Vogt with a AR 15 semi-automatic rifle.He was arrested after a two-day ...


AR-15 From the ground up... any comments? - THR
Over 110 bucks for a stipped lower is pretty steep, as for a parts kit check out Del-Ton Inc. Also AR 15.com has some pretty good info on assembling an AR. ...


First AR-15
By GreyEclipse
Alright so I'm planning on buying my first AR-15 sometime later this year. I like to plan far, far ahead. So I'm asking you AR addicts... This rifle.
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AR15.com CLASSIFIEDS - .22 rifle
A semi-auto .22 rifle -- made by Marlin and sold by Coast to Coast hardware stores. ... $115 for the rifle only or $155 for the rifle with the Bushnell 3X9 ...