AR-15 Rifle news for 03/04/2010

March 04, 2010

What are the laws pertaining to carrying an assault rifle in my ...
By eranio
IT IS NOT AN ASSAULT RIFLE. DOES IT HAVE A SELECT FIRE SWITCH? NO, IT'S AN AR15. All you would have to say is rifle, or AR15. I don't quite know why you would need to carry it, and don't know if you can. Go ask google and see what TX ...


Looking to get an AR15
By Noel
... first AR15, I would go with the 14.7" PA or the 16", as it will be a better all around setup and you won't lose much muzzle velocity. Save the hassle and 6 month wait time to build a short barrel rifle (SBR) for your second one. ...


AR15 .223 Reloading - Kentucky Hunting Forums
By useyourbow
For those of you who reload for their AR15 .223, do you or do you not crimp your cases? All of my reloading up until now has been for bolt rifles and I want to start reloading for my AR. I was told years ago that when reloading for ...
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