AR-15 Rifle news for 04/06/2010

April 06, 2010

MSP: AR-15 Accessories, Scope Mounts & Rings, Rifle Scopes ...
By thegunhost
Mounting Solutions Plus (MSP) is both a manufacturer of quality firearm accessories, as well as a distributor of firearms related products. MSP is p... 


Hello all neubie got first AR today - NY Firearms
By 2ndAmend22
Sweet!! Thats a nice looking ar. Now all you have to do is get it to the range and sight it in. Are you thinking of running optics? Certified Sig Armorer: Classic pistol line 1911 GSR Sig 556 rifle. M4/M16/AR15 rifle. tinker is offline ...
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camouflage ar 15 rifle for sale
DefenseReview plans to run two custombuilt tactical AR carbinesAR15 carbines ... Tagged withnext generation arms •sr556 andreview • 1020 rifle • 1020 ruger ...


Rifle Dynamics 5.56 AR15 Precision Rifles - Nevada Shooters
We took out two rifles that needed to be fired and tested out a bit. They are two AR15's in 5.56x45 one was put together with a DMR focus and the other with ...