AR-15 Rifle news for 04/24/2010

April 24, 2010

 AR-15 Rifle news for 04/07/2010
Okympic Arms AR-15, this is a good rifle that I carry in my parol car. The rifle comes with 6 twenty round magazines, two thirty round magazines, . ...

Selling one of my personal AR15's with many of the products i currently manufacture. This firearm has only fired 40 rounds for function testing and sighting in, its been in the safe since then. Below is a list of components allow with ...


AR-15 Ejector Question - Tennessee Gun Owners
By Sidewinder
I have a practically new Bushmaster XM-15 that the ejector is scoring the shell cashing head each time it ejects the spent casing. The ejector head.


Just got a Colt AR-15 and I have a question about ammo.
By oddball7465
Yes this is a .223 vs 5.56 thread. Yes I read the sticky about .223 vs 5.56. It confused me since it started getting into technical terms. I've also.


Tulsa World: Classifieds: AR-15 WITH SLIDING STOCK FOR SALE IN ...
AD DETAILS AR-15 FOR SALE Price : $ 800.00. Location : TULSA Description : AR-15 WITH SLIDING STOCK FOR SALE IN GREAT SHAPE COMES WITH ONE 3780458 ...


I want to buy an AR-15 and AK-47 but? - Survivalist Forum
So how far away can a 14.5-16in barrel AR-15 in 5.56x45 and a 16in barrel AK-47 in 7.62x39 be heard? Which one sounds louder at a distance? ...


New to the AR collection
By MNBlackjack
This is an AR15 by Branch Custom Weaponry. This one is chambered in 6.8mm. My wife loves to shoot this one so maybe she'll let me get my own!


BARSKA AR-15 Combo Wrench Tool « Deer Hunters Net
By admin
A must-have for gun maintenance and repairs. Ultimate tool for an AR15 owner. Made of Carbon Steel; Will do every function you need. Length (in): 12.625″, Width (in): 2″, Material : Carbon Steel, aplicable firearms: AR-15 ...