AR15 November 04, 2010

AR15 November 04, 2010

Chiappa Unveils Another Ugly Gun: .22 AR-15 M-Four Tactical ...
By Robert Farago
We don't know much about the Chiappa .22 AR-15 M-Four Tactical Handgun, other than the name was created by Chiappa's Department of Redundancy . And the fact that the 4.1 lbs. gun has a 6″ barrel and holds 28 rounds; ...
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The chart is a good tool, but it is limited to one specific type of AR: M4 clones. For those looking for a hunting rifle, 3gun rifle, or just something a ...


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How to Paint an AR-15. If you would like to alter the appearance of your AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle, you can accomplish your goal by refinishing it ...


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I have been considering building an AR-15 recently, and I just wanted some input on if the parts i have picked out will work and what all tools i will need ...