AR-15 kits for May 09, 2011

AR-15 kits for May 09, 2011

AR-15 kits for May 09, 2011


High quality AR15 rifle shortages THR
Anyone noticed that on many AR15 rifle websites, there are a lot of AR's out of stock. Daniel Defense website has 12 different rifle models.


The Optics Talk Forums - Favorite Brand of AR-15
We are trying to come up with a proposal for adopting AR-15s for a patrol rifle for my current Department....


AR-15/Rifle Accessories - Siggys Gear
New Products For May - AR-15/Rifle Accessories. Countersniper Optics 10x40 w/ 56mm Objective $779.95. Countersniper Optics 6x25 w/56mm Objective $629.95 ...


WTS: AR-15 Carbine in FDE...Missouri - M4Carbine.net Forums
WTS: AR-15 Carbine in FDE...Missouri AR Complete Rifles & Lowers (EE)


AR-15 6.8 SPC cal Hunting & Fishing. ... Description: 6.8 AR-15 spikes tac lower with 4 lb trigger job ,16 inch shaw barrel ,DPMS hi rise upper receiver ...

Favorite AR-15 platform
Ok, you guys convinced me that the Mini-14 is junk so I decided I'm going to build my own AR. Is there any AR-15 brand that I should stay away from or more ...