AR-15 kits for May 18, 2011

AR-15 kits for May 18, 2011

AR-15 kits for May 18, 2011


ARMSLIST - For Sale: ar 15
i am trying to sell my ar. it is a bushmaster lower with a vltor stock. it has a daniel defense upper with a troy dark earth handguard. it has a 14.5 inch ...


DPMS AR-15 lower complete ACE stock FS - Colorado AR-15 Shooters ...
DPMS AR-15 lower complete ACE stock FS Firearms For Sale.


NOVESKE RIFLEWORKS N4 AR15; 223 cal; like new bore, like new stock, 20'' barrel, Noveske lower receiver mated to a Colt standard Government Model A2 rifle ...


L.A.M. AR 15 Pistol
AR 15 Pistol Detachible Front and Rear Sights Flattop with Quad Rail 10 Round Mag With Bullet Button 6\ Chrome Molly Barrel.


WTSWTT WA 6.8 SPC AR15 rifle and reloading package deal
I'd prefer a trade for a nice FAL or M1A but will sell for the right price. This is a tack driver of a rifle and no expense was spared when I built it.

Which is the better rifle AR15 or Mini 14? - Yahoo! Answers
AR15 by a mile ... more accurate and more power ... Your realize your going to start an argument here?... Don't you?...... I own several of both, Both have there ...