AR-15 kits for June 14, 2011

AR-15 kits for June 14, 2011

Custom AR-15 in 7.62x39 * DPMS Upper * Flat Top Receiver ...
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 AR-15 kits or parts - THR
It's been 20 years since I had an ar, (used to have a Colt). Now I'm finding myself longing for it back... but I'm poorer.


Most Tactical AR-15 Ever
Try as you will, you will never be this tactical: Hahah that guy is pretty good. It's almost like he believes what he's saying, I love it.


YouTube - AR15 Stocks (2 of 12): Rifle Stocks
AR15 Rifle Stocks ( Part 2 of 12) Building the AR15 - Stock Options: Basic AR15 Stock Anatomy - part 1



ARMSLIST - For Trade: AK47 paratrooper CQB AMD 65 trade ar15 rifle ...
ARMSLIST Home > Indiana Gun Classifieds > Indianapolis Gun Classifieds > Rifles > For Trade: AK47 paratrooper CQB AMD 65 trade ar15 rifle or ak47 ...


New to forum, Built my first AR-15 - AR15 Armory.com
I am new to the forum and the AR-15 world and have found a lot of great information here and wanted to say hi and post some photos of the new AR-15 I have ...