AR-15 kits for July 16, 2011

AR-15 kits for July 16, 2011

SIG SAUER Ships First SIG516 Rifles Produced in Germany
Based on the AR15/M16 platform, the SIG516 offers users refined reliability. A short-stroke gas pushrod system prevents carbon fouling and excess heat from ...


AR-15 Train Rail System
Every AR-15 needs rails: Only special AR-15′s need train rails, with trains. Great for home defense!


 AR-15 Accuracy & Reliability Parts provided by David Tubb
(CSSAR15) Tubb Precision CS AR-15 Extractor/Ejector Spring set ... (ARBUTT) AR- 15 Mount plate with Complete Adjustable Buttplate (can use on ...


 The Gun digest book of the AR-15 - Google Books
Hunters, military enthusiasts, self-defense experts and target-shooting competitors alike will find favor with a reference devoted to a firearm touted as ...


CA Legal308 AR15 Rifle Poll Calgunsnet
We have several requests for CA Legal AR 15 rifles and wanted to know what models or configurations would be the most popular DPMS has been a great308 rifle ...