AR-15 kits for July 22, 2011

AR-15 kits for July 22, 2011

AR-15 kits for July 22, 2011

9mm Suppressed SBR AR-15‏ - YouTube
First look at a 9mm Suppressed Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) AR15 Rifle C3 Defense Lower (registered SBR) 7 inch 9mm Barrel Gemtech Tundra 9mm Suppressor Samson ...

Shoot your AR-15 faster than ever with a Slide Fire Stock
Shooting Times Magazine
Until I got one mounted on an AR-15 and tried it, I simply couldn't believe it worked as well as it does. The capabilities offered by the Slide Fire system ...

Mossberg Releases Their Own AR-15 Rifle | Armory Blog
It seems like every major firearms manufacturer has their own version of the popular AR-15 rifle. Mossberg recently entered the AR market with their new MMR ...


Common Rifles for 3-Gun Competitions - AR15.COM
The AR-15's highly customizable nature allows the user to add any of the many aftermarket parts to tailor the rifle to the users needs.


What the World Needs Now: New Mossberg AR-15 | The Truth About Guns
By Robert Farago
“Though referred to as the “modern rifle”, the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle has been deployed with military personnel and law enforcement agencies for decades,” Mossberg's press release proclaims. “More recently, this very adaptable and ...
The Truth About Guns


Hot shot | Dick Dyke sets his sights on a new firearms company
Mainebiz Daily
Later, he founded and eventually sold Bushmaster, a firearms company in Windham that made M16 and AR15-style rifles used worldwide by civilians, ...