Standard A-2 Upper Receiver complete
AR-15 A-2 Upper Receiver.

Upper receiver parts

Upper receiver Parts, Pieces, A-1, A-2, A-3, 9mm, and tactical Hi Rise upper receivers

Upper receiver parts for the AR-15_M-16 Rifle.  Parts include, charging handles, tactical latches, two finger tac latch, ambi tac latch, and more.  Comon manufacturers are Badger, and PRI Precision  Reflex Inc.

AR-15 M-16 Upper receiver with M4 Feed Ramps info


Complete A-2 Upper Receiver for AR-15 Rifles.

A-2 Upper Receiver AR-15 or M-16

A-2 Upper Receiver stripped or we can complete the assembly for you.

Stripped model is ready to accept parts to complete the assembly.  Does not include parts to complete the assembly.

The complete A-2 upper receiver comes with rear sight, forward assist, and ejection port assemblies installed.

A-3 Flat-top Upper

Stripped A-3 Upper receiver or we can complete it for $15.00 More.

A-3 Stripped Upper Receiver does not include fwd assist, and ejection port assembly.

Complete comes with Fwd assist, and ejection port assembly installed.

Tactical Hi-rise upper

This A-3 Flat top has mounting 5/8 higher than other flat tops. Comes complete for $15.00 More.

Hi-rise is 5/8 higher than standard flattop.

 Complete Upper Receiver Has ejection port dust cover, and forward assist.

Charging Handle for all AR-15 and M-16 rilfes.

Charging Handle

Charging handle.

Traditional charging handle with standard latch assembly. Any of the above latches can be installed upon request and are listed as add ons.

PRI Gas Buster.

M-84 Gas Buster From Precision Reflex Inc.

M-84 Gas Buster with flat big latch.

Increases safety by inhibiting harmful blow-back gas & oil particles from striking shooter’s face and glasses. Ergonomically designed release latch for easier access.

Doublestar Corp.
Chrome Bolt Carrier Assembly.

AR-15 Chrome Bolt Carrier Assembly

AR-15 Chrome Bolt Carrier Assembly.

Complete with bolt assembly, firing pin, cam pin, firing pin retainer, and bolt carrier key. Made by military contractors to Military Specs. Standard bolt carriers are chrome lined. All carrier keys are torqued and staked to specs.

Complete Bolt Assembly.

AR-15 M-16 Bolt Assembly

AR-15 M-16 Bolt Assembly

Made to military specifications, these come complete with extractor assy, ejector assy, and gas rings. Available in standard parkerization or hard chromed.

Chromed Bolt Assembly.

AR-15 Chromed Bolt Assembly

AR-15 Chromed Bolt Assembly.

Made to military specifications Then Chrome Plated, these come complete with extractor assy, ejector assy, and gas rings.

Extractor Upgrade Kit.

Extractor Upgrade Kit

Extractor Upgrade Kit.

Simply install this replacement spring, plunger, and oring to increase extraction force by more than four times! Yes, it's a simple device, but if extraction is your problem, this is the simplest, and most inexpensive, solution you will find in the marketplace today.