AR-15 kits for April 02, 2014

AR-15 kits for April 02, 2014
Opposing Views
Simple Modification Lets Gunmakers Sidestep NY Assault Weapons Ban
... Safe Act, which effectively banned high capacity assault weapons like the AR-15-style gun Adam Lanza used to kill 20 children in December 2012.
Here's What It Looks Like When a Gun Manufacturer Releases a 'New York Compliant' AR-15
A Missouri-based gun manufacturer announced this week the release of a line of “New York Compliant” rifles, a market-based response to the Empire ...
AR-15 Podcast 068 – Competitive Shooting With The MSR
The episodes range from AR construction and reloading, to interviews and accessories. The AR-15 Podcast is found on the Firearms Radio Network ...
Washington Times
Bloomberg's worst nightmare: Gunmaker releases 'New York Compliant' AR-15
Anti-gun activist and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg probably won't be thrilled with this idea: Gun manufacturer Black Rain Ordnance ...
AR15 assault rifle designed by Missouri firm to comply with NY SAFE
ne_140404_blackrain.jpg. Black Rain Ordnance has introduced this "New York Compliant" AR15 rifle. (Black Rain Ordnance Facebook image). Print.