AR-15 Parts for April 25, 2014

AR-15 Parts for April 25, 2014

AR-15 Parts for April 25, 2014

'Citizen Soldiers' Stand Guard During Ranch Standoff
The self-described “citizen soldiers” arrived venting a smoldering anger and wielding AR-15 and AK-47 rifles. Days later, the government called off the ...

Rifle, ammo, badge, body armor stolen from off-duty Cleveland police officer

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A Cleveland police-issued AR-15 rifle and dozens of rounds of ammunition were stolen Tuesday from the personal car of an ...

Rational Gun: Periodic maintenance on a 5.45x39mm AR-15

Rational Gun Rational Gun
Every 2,000 rounds or so, you need to remove the flash hider or muzzle brake on your 5.45 AR-15. Use a 19mm wrench and steady pressure

BattleComp Red Ribbon Celebration Sale | AR15NEWS.COM - Your AR-15 news source!

Recently BattleComp was awarded their Patent Letter recognizing BattleComp's rights to the design of the original BattleComp Tactical Compensator

Raffling an AR-15: Good idea for police?

Vendor John Fitzen of Salt Lake City shows off an RIP Tactical AR-15 at the Western Collectibles & Firearms Gun Show in 2011. (Photo: Mark ...