AR-15 80% lower receiver jig set combo

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AR-15 80% lower receiver jig set combination.

AR-15 80% lower receiver and jig set combination.  This set includes one 80% complete AR-15 Lower receiver and one Jig set made to complete the lower receiver.  The jig set includes two side plates to conform to the sides of the AR-15 Type lower receiver, one master plate to hold the side plates to the lower receiver, and the top guide plates with depth markings.  The guide plates make this 80% lower receiver project simple and easy for all that wish to complete the 80% lower into a operational receiver.  These 80% lowers are the easiest by far than any others to complete.  The only areas to complete are the internal pocket for the fire control parts and the hammer, trigger pin holes, and the selector hole.  The rest of the receiver is made to MIL-SPEC 7075 T6 with all other machine work completed.  Jig Sets will now have the selector hole incorporated into the plate with guide.